Hello, you

I see there’s a growing part of my blog readers all around the world who (I think) don’t speak Finnish. I’m glad that you are here and want to welcome you with all my heart ❤

I don’t know how and what you get out from my blog since I know Finnish is not an easy language to understand, but I really admire you for trying 😀

If I can do something for you, let me know. For now, I’ll keep this blog in Finnish but I have other channels that are only in English.

Both, my YouTube channel and my Instagram account are in English. You are more than welcome to meet me there, send me a message of how on earth you are able to read my blog or just to say hi.


Also, you can comment down here below this post, ask me anything or just to say hi. I always answer your comments 🙂

Lovely to see so many of you here.

♥ Sanna

4 vastausta artikkeliin “Hello, you”

  1. Hello Sanna,

    Just keep up your good job. One thing you could change though is the page language setting – should be somewhere in blog options/settings I guess. Now it’s set to English so autotranslate doesn’t work and one has to do it manually each time (yep, now you know how we read in Finnish :D)

    Anyway, thanks for a great blog, it’s very inspiring.

    All the best!


  2. As a native non-finnish speaker but learning finnish slowly but surely (Nina on Suomalainen ja muutamme ensi vuonna) I really enjoy the posts and pictures of course. If I have trouble understanding a quick copy-paste into gloogle translate, deepl or redfox dictionary works fine…



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